The Washington Peace Letter has been a publication of the Washington Peace Center for over 40 years. It is published bi-annually for the social justice community of the DC metropolitan area. Its purpose is to support local, national and international struggles against oppression. It presents a radical analysis of current events, and covers information that is not readily available in the corporate media.

The Washington Peace Center presents our latest Peace Letter issue - Housing is a Human Right!: Making Sense of DC's Housing Crisis



Contribute to the Peace Letter:

The Peace Letter welcomes submissions of articles, calendar and publication announcements, letters to the Editor, and artwork from the progressive community. Articles may be from 300-2,000 words, but may be edited for space considerations. Preference is given to information and materials that cover actions or organizing campaigns in the DC metropolitan area. We do reserve the right to select or reject any submission.
If you are interested in helping with production or in submitting pieces of your own, drop us a note and a sample of your writing at or call 202-234-2000.
Except as noted, Peace Letter items are copyright free and may be reproduced.  Please give credit and send us a copy if you do use something.