Needed Materials: butcher paper, markers, evaluations, enough pens/pencils for everyone, paper to write down people’s self-reflections

Dany can have interns write up butcher paper forms ahead of time to reflect the questions we want asked in the small groups and also the conflict res break down for the beginning.

·         6:45 – 6:50 (AS) – Facilitator intro / agenda review / ground rules (popcorn style group rules) / House keeping stuff (bathrooms, snacks)

o    No group intro but everyone is encouraged to take care of themselves however they need to

§  Will let the group know that

§  If you can’t hear / pronouns / physical space /bathrooms

·         6:50 – 6:55 (AS) – Define conflict (popcorn style)

·         6:55-7:10 (EF) – Creating conflict as a strategy of organizing – why? (popcorn style / stacking?)

o    Conflict can have positive outcomes/ create productive change – shines light/ highlights injustice

·         7:10-7:25 (EF) – What are the root causes of conflict in groups/trainings? (brainstorm)

§  Examples: inter-personal beef within a group, political differences 

o    Social justice work requires looking at roots causes of conflict

o    Appreciating the why allows us to empathize with people we’re facilitating

§  Once we have a good brainstorm, the concepts will be paired down, people can vote on their favorite 2 topics, EF will choose 7-10 “roots” to talk about & people can self-select their small group.

·         7:25 – 8:05 (EF) Small Group Work

o    Using ideas about root causes of conflict, facilitators will create categories for the small groups

o    People will self select the groups they are in

o    People will be encouraged to introduce themselves in their group & tell the group anything they would want the group to know about themselves

o    Discuss:

§  Facilitator responsibilities when dealing with conflict (before, during, & after the meetings)

§  Facilitator’s resources when dealing with conflict (before, during, & after the meetings)

·         Have each group have a scribe to take down notes to compile & share when the after meeting email is sent out.

·         Each group should also have a facilitator

·         AS & EF walking around to check on the groups

·         Have each group say the best concrete tool/idea they came up with

·         8:05 – 8:15….CONFLICT ROLE PLAY – (EF & Matt)

o    Throw it out to the group: How did I respond when I saw the conflict? (AS)

·         8:15 – 8:30 (AS) Hand out paper & pens How did you respond? How does this apply to your work?

o    1 on 1 time – 2 minutes

o    Popcorn style take aways

o    Evalutation sheets