Have Nametags


Icebreaker that will sort people out into groups of 6

Small Group Discussion About Issues Participants Face with Facilitation

  • Write for 2-3 minutes
  • Discuss for 10 minutes


4 Stations of Science Fair

    • Groups spend 15-20 minutes at each station
    • Each station will allow people to practice specific skills
    • Each station will have specific scenario for people to consider
    • Each group will be asked to leave behind some written notes/exercise to be gathered at debriefed at end
    • Sheet with website at each station will list websites where people can get more information


Building the Container Station (Space Set Up, Participation)

    • People will be asked to draw their ideal set up for a training space that is safe and welcoming for people


Design Station- (equalizing participation)

    • Scenario will set group up to plan an agenda for a specific training
    • Bag of tools will be provided to help people think when and how different tools can be used


Difficult Behavior/Conflict Station

    • Role play with tap in option
    • Asking group to jot down the intervention tools people use to deal with situation

Debrief Station

    • Groups will practice how to debrief by debriefing whichever other station exercise they just did

Big Group Debrief 10-15 minutes