Agenda Design Workshop –

6:40 – 6:45 – Intro to the trainers network, [next trainings, hand flyers]

6:45 – 7:00 – Introductions, Anything you’d like us to know about you, what skills or insights would you like to walk away with tonight?

    • Take Notes

7:00—7:15 – Elements of a workshop (*disclaimer re: meetings are really glorified workshops… and with any workshop, some of these apply) Have folks sit down with paper & pen and reflect on the different pieces of a workshop. Give folks a moment to brainstorm, then open up to the whole group. Make sure there’s:

·      Goal

·      Introductions

·      Activities 

7:15 – Considerations in workshops design

·      Know as much as possible about the participants

·      “building the container”

·      putting the puzzle together  – role plays should be followed by debriefs

·      personality/intro extroversion

·      different learning styles 

7:20 –  Agenda writing practice!

  •  Write spikes
  • Community meeting
  •  Story telling workshop
  • Anti-oppression 
  •  Questions(maybe a more experienced one?)

 Assign each one a color –  Write your skill level on the piece of paper

·      Circle

·      Triangle

·      Square

Have folks raise up their signs, and take note of who’s interested in going where. If there are enough advanced folks in the room, give them some option about how they’d like to use the time. Work together, work in groups, etc.

Give groups big paper, marker, spikes, and activities index cards.

Think about any questions, considerations or compromises you had to make while putting together your agendas – you’ll be expected to report back .

8:00 – 8:20 – Report backs

8:30 – Go around – walk aways (taking notes)