July 10th WPC Skillshare – Teambuilding Games

Welcome from WPC – Danny (or Sonia?) – 6:30-6:35 (5 min)
Introductions and Icebreaker game– Katie or Amanda – 6:35-6:45 (10 min)

○    (15-20 people) – model a game through the intro process
○    Alien Greeting – This is a fun and silly first-day activity. Arrange participants into a circle. Have each pretend they are from another planet. Have them think of a sound and motion that might be used as a greeting on that planet. (A sound and motion that would replace a typical American greeting such as a quick wave and a “Hi!”) Once students have decided on their greeting, start the activity by using your alien greeting to greet the person to your left and say your name. That person should respond by repeating your greeting to you and repeating their name back. Then, that person shares his or her alien greeting with the class and introduces him/herself to the next person in the circle including their own name. Continue until you have made your way around the circle. At the end of the activity, you might ask these questions: What did you learn from this activity? Is it more fun to send out energy or hold back energy?

Context for Teambuilding – Katie or Amanda – 6:45-6:50 (5 min)

○    Why are we learning games? Why is this part of our work (and fun) as activists?
○    When have they been helpful for you in the past?
○    Does anyone have a group or challenge or situation they’re planning to use teambuilding games with?

Volunteers offer up 2 or 3 games to share and teach – build stack
Try Game 1 – Volunteer – 6:50-7:00 (10 min)

○    Pause after game 1 to debrief – Katie or Amanda – 7:00-7:05 (5 min)
○    Ask the group the following Qs:

■    Initial reactions to this game?
■    What situations would you use this game in?
■    What do you need to keep in mind to let the game go smoothly?
■    What might go wrong? How could you prevent this?
■    What else should you keep in mind while facilitating this activity: about accessibility? what about touching/consent/body awareness?

Try Game 2 – Volunteer – 7:05-7:15 (10 min)

○    Debrief – Katie or Amanda – 7:15-7:20 (5 min)

Try Game 3 (if time allows) – Volunteer – 7:20-7:30 (10 min)

○    Debrief – Katie or Amanda – 7:30-7:35 (5 min)

Debrief of Session – Katie or Amanda – 7:35-7:40 (5 min)

○    What games did people like? What could you see using in other situations?
○    What other games do you like that weren’t shown? Can we build a list and if people are intrigued they can follow up 1:1 if people are ok with that?
○    Did you have fun!?!

Other agendas: http://www.washingtonpeacecenter.org/trainersnetwork
Teaching for Change games: http://www.trainingforchange.org/tools/Team-building
Icebreakers: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tOHEp_jDEz8N00YDZ0omAApoJPWZyJ0QW8r5…
Tips for facilitators: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1C3CtpZvUY5N-mRLOV6GP7JUa62J161HYcm0V…