Washington, DC – Leading up to the Inauguration, the Washington Peace Center has been under attack for supporting resistance against both a Trump administration and the emboldened white supremacy that will move into the highest offices of power. The right wing tactics to shut us down through fear and use of crude measures have endangered the safety of not only our staff members but our community base as well. We understand clearly that this is the intent of the attacks; to silence us and threaten our ability to organize during this crucial time. 

As Co-Directors of an organization that has served the DC community for over 50 years, we will address the attacks accordingly while also state that we will not be intimidated by these tactics. 

Día Bùi: “On January 20th, through speaking out and in action, we are laying the foundation of resistance for the next four years. We are here to disrupt hate.  No threat will silence us or shut us down from mobilizing and organizing alongside impacted community members. We will continue our long-standing work in serving the people in the local and transnational movement for justice and liberation. One of our core principles include fighting against racism, Islamophobia, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, sexism and white supremacy.  In the spirit of resistance, we will continue to provide as much information, resources and support as possible throughout this week and the next four years.”

Darakshan Raja: “In the next few years, many of us will be tested as leaders of grassroots organizations under attack and as members of communities targeted from multiple ends by hate. In these moments, its important for us to build a culture of protection, love, forgiveness, and unapologetic resistance. As we are targeted by intense right-wing hate and state violence, we will need our communities to be there like never before. We will need each other, and we will need you. Here is to building genuine solidarity in the next few years, and being courageous enough to push our boundaries and take risks that support directly impacted community members. With commitment to collective liberation and a constant reminder than when we fight, we win.” 

On Friday January 20th, the Washington Peace Center office will be closed. Instead, we will be taking part in the Festival of Resistance where we will have a table of resources available for a limited amount of time. Individually, each Co-Director will be spread through the inauguration route and downtown DC area to cover the actions, rallies and marches. To receive updates, follow Día Bùi @dia_verse and Darakshan Raja @darakshanraja. The Washington Peace Center social media accounts (@washpeacectr) will be retweeting live updates throughout the day.