This morning, Donald Trump signed another policy supporting structural Islamophobia. The Muslim Ban 2.0 bars nationals, including dual citizens from 6 Muslim-majority countries. These countries include Sudan, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen.  Additionally, refugees are barred from entering the country for 120 days from any country. While Iraq was removed from the ban list, the logic given includes that the US and Iraq are cooperating on fighting ISIS. As an anti-war organization, we have seen this rhetoric before, which basically signals more US military aggression in the region. For more information on the breakdown of the ban, read this breakdown here. 

If you have individuals who need legal assistance, please call ADC  for legal advice at 202-244-2990 or If you need support for individuals arriving through Dulles Airport, please contact Dulles Justice. 

The Washington Peace Center will resist as a co-coordinators of the DC Justice For Muslims Coalition, a coalition created to resist Islamophobia in the District. This morning our coalition released a joint press release here.  We urge other local organizations and leaders to take a clear stance against such executive orders and bans that are xenophobic, racist, and Islamophobic. 

Tomorrow, please join us all at Customs and Border Protection in the morning for an action at 8am. We will meet on the 14th street side entrance. For more information, check the facebook link here. Resist. Fight Back. #NoBanNoWall. 

Please donate to the Washington Peace Center so we can continue to fight the Muslim Ban and Islamophobia locally. We need your support. Please donate here.