2013 marked the 50th anniversary of the Washington Peace Center!

It has been wonderful to reconnect with our history while we build towards our future. 

Thank you to everyone who joined us at our 50th Anniversary Celebration and Reunion on Saturday, May 4th, 2013! 
It was a great gathering of activists past, present and future.

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Thanks to everyone who participated in our Oral History Project.

Click here to see the special commemorative edition of the Peace Letter, with excerpts from our oral history interviews and highlights from our archives.

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Did You Know?

1963: After leading a vigil against biological and chemical weapons, a small group of Quakers officially found the Washington Peace Center.

1965: WPC helps organize the SDS anti-Vietnam March.

1972: WPC is THE place to go in DC for draft counseling.  FBI breaks into the office.

1987: WPC works against US intervention in Central America and Southern Africa.

1990: WPC leads local opposition to first Gulf War.

Today: WPC serves as a thriving hub for local activism and a force for peace and justice. 


50th Anniversary Party Host Committee:
Mark Andersen, Michael Beer, Medea Benjamin, Nadine Bloch, Lisa Fithian, Dyana Forester, David Hostetter, Paul Magno, Zach Mason, Geoff Millard, Parisa Norouzi, John Steinbach, Laura Worby

Washington Peace Center Board:
Pedro Cruz, Robby Diesu, Ese Emerhi, Philip Fornaci, Jay Forth, Katherine Fuchs, Samantha Miller, Marie Soveroski and David Thurston.

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