Trainers Network Mtg, 8.2.2020

Database Questions/Our Next Meeting—original question was “how public should we make this”

Question quickly turned into a “what is the vision for the trainers’ network database, anyway?” There was a lot of conversation about what the database would look like. Someone brought up the idea of the DC Timebank, others brought up ideas about spreadsheets, massive lists, and speaker’s bureau like projects.

These were a lot of the questions we decided we need to take into consideration:

    • Who will see it?
    • How will we maintain this?
    • What info will be on it?
    • What is our objective?
    • How will WPC be involved?
    • who is hosting?
    • How will others take ownership of this?
    • Who is inputting data?
    • What does database even mean? (does it have to be techy? Could it just live on a computer?)
    • what is the content being inputting? Who’s doing the inputting?
    • How will this be organized?
    • what is this called? Database? Speakers’/trainers’ bureau?

Then, it was decided that our next skillshare should incorporate this decision into a concensus building skill share, which Allison and Matt graciously offered to co-facilitate. Futhermore, Nermin & Mintz offered to collect different proposals for housing/hosting the database, and Julia offered to do research around how we might be able to work within the framework of the DC Time bank to make this work.

When will our next meeting be? Sept 5th!

Possible open spaces at St. Stephens’-

      • Sept 5th: This date was the winner!
      • Sept 11th
      • Sept 17th: lots of folks could make this date, then Nadine reminded us that it will be the OWS 1st anniversary… and will be the first night of Rosh Hashanah, so it was vetoed quickly.
      • Sept 19th

Future Meeting Dates
We ran out of time to determine when the best dates for REGULARLY scheduled meetings would be. The thinking behind regularly scheduling something is that it will allow us to be able to reserve space in St. Stephen’s months out and people will be able to shape their schedules around consistent dates (ie, the 3rd Monday of the month)We didn’t get to that.

At our last meeting, we collected ideas for future skillshares! Most of them (those that are skillshareable) are listed here!


 These are the events that magically appeared on our upcoming trainings posterboard:

    • Aug 11th, Nonviolent Direct Action Workshop for (action prep!) contact:
    • Class workshop- sponsored by Resource Generation. Contact:– sept 15th.
    • Bring It! Youth Organizing workshop @ Wayside, Contact:– sept 22-23th.
    • Help Increase the Peace workshop (9:30-5:30) (Alternatives to Violence Workshop) @ center of concern at Catholic University, Contact: hosted by DC Peace Team