Supporting Survivors of Genoa
Learning to recognize and deal with trauma when our friends and comrades have been brutally beaten, tortured, and wrongfully imprisoned.

Street Medic and Protester Safety
How to handle witnessing or being a part of violent events.

Self-Care, Organizational Care, and Movement-Building

Being self-sustaining: taking care of yourself.

Mindful Occupation Booklet
A booklet compiled by different organizers for occupy movements talking about different self-care strategies and creating activist movements that are supportive to people with different understandings and emotional needs.

Spirit in Action
Spirit in Action’s programs bring people together to explore and practice activism that strategically builds power while sustaining and nurturing our hearts and souls.

Out of the Spiritual Closet
A booklet discussing transformation in organizing.

The Debate over Self- Care

“An End to Self-Care”
A controversial article by B Loewe calling for “a nail in self-care’s coffin and instead birth a newer discussion of community care.”

Responses to “An End to Self-Care”

“My Response to “An End to Self-Care””
A response to B Loewe’s article critiquing self-care in movements.

“More Healing, More of the Time”
Another response to B Loewe’s article critiquing self-care in movements.

“Care is the Core of Change”
Subhash Kateel’s issues with the article “An End to Self-Care”

“How About a Beginning of Self-Determined Care?”

This article shares some personal experience about the negative effects of a lack of self-care.

“Response to “An End to Self Care”: How About “An End to the Activist Martyr Complex?””
Great response to B Loewe’s article.