Prep butcher paper
Identify 5-8 areas for breakout
Active listening
Cultivate equal participation (Create space?)
Support e/o growth, assume good intention.
Speak from own experience


    • Have questions on the way and encourage others to add to them
    • Announcement at 6:20 & 6:25 letting folks know they can write questions. 
    • Let Sam know to do the same thing at the front. 
    • Find a recorder.


Take next 3 minutes to think about these questions and jot down some ideas. 

      • What is a safer space? What does it look like? Feel like? Sound like? 
      • What do we gain now and in the broader context of the work we do by making our spaces safer?

Pair exercise
2 min in, do a soft reminder that half way through and make sure both partners speak

Go around in a circle.
(1) Name and current interests (2) It’s helpful for me when other people know (eg gender pronouns, hard of hearing), (3) Give a few words to define/describe “safer space”

What are the moving parts we need to think about to make spaces safer?
What are all the aspects you need to think about when preparing for safer spaces? The many moving parts. The process.
Pop corn style/ stack (Lindsay) responses

Set-up/ polling

  • Encouraging an in-depth convo, so ideally you’ll stay in your conversation. If you find that your conversation isn’t useful to you, here’s an opp to move. 
  • Halfway through we’ll do a check in/ status update and you can decide to stay in your group or switch to another
  • Capture your ideas and share out with the group in follow up notes.  Report back
  • New questions generated?
  • Each person gets 1 votes. Go through each question. Choose the top 5-8 (depending on # of people) 

Transition/ vibe-checkers
Review structure
Identify a recorder who will take notes on butcher paper and we can capture your ideas and share out with the group in follow up notes.

Breakout conversations about questions

Groups of 4-8; People are free to change groups; each group has a facilitator; white poster paper & markers,

Report back/  Debrief

Closing, Eval, & Announcements

-List of breakout questions:

•    What needs to be done *before* a meeting to increase the likelihood of safety?
•    What tools can we use at the beginning of a meeting to create safety?
•    What tools can we use to intervene when a space no longer feels safe?
•    How do we address divisive/alienating behaviors as they occur?
•    How do we accommodate disagreement and conflict while maintaining safety?
•    Are some group norms/agreements potentially alienating or marginalizing?
•    Are community agreements effective?
•    When is it appropriate to ask someone to leave the group for its safety?
•    What is a facilitators role in addressing an oppressive dynamic if many in the group want to move on instead?