Let’s jump in!
5mins (Jon)  Theater of the Oppressed activity, end in pairs.

10 mins (Julia) In pairs  “why did you come today? why is important to equalize participation”?
 (Julia) popcorn report back

10 mins (Jon)
Guidelines (100% Responsibility / Move Up Move Back / Try on / Ok to Disagree, not to shame blame and attack) , Agenda overview, our approach

10 mins (Julia)
2 part Guided meditation – think on a time recently when your participation was stymied. THEN think on a time when you felt your fullest participant
[what is participation? different forms? what does equal participation look like, sound like, feel like? what are the themes/categories of things that we as facilitators, planners might want to think about?]

10 mins – go around (Jon scribes)

What are the themes of barriers/influences on participation

1    Structure and Process – activities, having an agenda, facilitation
2    Loud Voices
3    Soft Voices
4    Power Dynamics – cultural norms, assumed roles
5    […There might have been one more that the group identified but I can’t remember]

*Facilitator Note: We were surprised that this didn’t come out of the brainstorm: Learning Styles – Visual, Auditory, Reading, Kinesthetic, Deductive (learn then practice), Inductive (explore and then reflect)

10 mins (Jon)
Small breakout groups to brainstorm tools and solutions.
10 mins (Jon) Report back.

Practice Time! Workshop a meeting you have or want to have with a team where participation may not be equal.