The Washington Peace Center is an anti-racist, grassroots, multi-issue organization working for peace, justice, and non-violent social change in the metropolitan Washington D.C. area since 1963.

Our Vision:

We envision a world based on respect for people and the planet that is achieved through nonviolence, peace and social justice.

Our Mission:

The Washington Peace Center provides education, resources and action for those working for positive social change and a world free from oppression.

We strengthen the impact of the peace and justice movements by:

  1. fostering greater collaboration among activist groups
  2. bridging the gap between global, national & local issues and communities and;
  3. providing the material support to achieve these goals

What We Do:

EDUCATION: Sowing the seeds of resistance for the future

  • We host the DC Trainer’s Network and organize monthly skillshares on training and facilitation for social change workers. You can also contact us if you’d like trainers or facilitators at your event.
  • We host teach-ins and educational events on current political issues, promoting an intersectional response to war, injustice and other societal problems.

RESOURCES: Providing the tools we need to change the world

  • We offer many resources to help with organizing for social change in DC, from event equipment and discounted photocopies to knowledge about where to hold events, how to get a permit and more.
  • We host an Online Progressive Calendar, which is the most comprehensive online calendar for peace and justice events in the DC/MD/VA area.
  • We provide fiscal sponsorship to to local projects and organizations to assist progressive projects with vital administrative support
  • For over 40 years, we published the Peace Letter, a newspaper for DC area activists that supported local, national and international struggles against oppression and provided an alternative analysis of current events than what is readily available in the corporate media.
  • We work to build coalition and collaboration among local peace and justice organizations in order to build a stronger and more unified peace and justice movement.

ACTION: Power to the people!

  • The Washington Peace Center supports nonviolent direct action for peace and social justice.   We provide assistance, leadership and training for direct action that contribute to peace and justice, locally, nationally and internationally.
  • As a multi-issue group, we work on both peace and justice issues and highlight the connections between issues.  We work to highlight the impact of the bloated military budget on the people through discussions of the costs of war.  We draw connections between the military-driven priorities of the US government and socialital needs, making war a personal issue for all of us.

In order to connect and strategize with allied organizations, the Washington Peace Center is a part of the DC Jobs with Justice Steering Committee and a member of the National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee.