DC for Reasonable Development Economic Justice, Multi-Issue, Other
DC Guerrilla Poetry Insurgency Art & Culture, Peace/War
DC Habitat for Humanity Faith-based, Housing/Tenants’ Rights
DC Independent Media Center DC Local Justice, Progressive Media/Media Reform
DC Interpreter Collective Budget & Services, Other
DC Jobs With Justice Economic Justice, Labor/Worker’s Rights
DC Labor Chorus Art & Culture, Labor/Workers’ Rights
DC Labor for Peace and Justice/USLAW Labor/Worker’s Rights, War, Peace, Torture
DC Media Group Progressive Media/Media Reform
DC Metro Science for the People Education/Students
DC Movement for Black Lives Spokescouncil Civil Rights/Prison Reform, Identity-based Groups, Multi-Issue, Other
DC Moving Pictures Art & Culture
DC Peace Team Civil Rights/Prison Reform, War, Peace, Torture, Youth
DC Prevention Center Education/Students, Youth, Other
DC Primary Care Association DC Local Justice, Health Care
DC Prisoner’s Project Civil Rights/Prison Reform
DC Rape Crisis Center Gender Justice/Women’s Issues
DC Rising Tide Environmental Justice/Climate Change
DC Stampede Multi-Issue, Other
DC Statehood-Green Party DC Statehood
DC SUN Environmental Justice/Climate Change
DC Tenants’ Right Center Housing/Tenants’ Rights
DC Trans Coalition LGTBQ
DC Vote DC Statehood
DC/MD/NOVA Democratic Socialists of America Labor/Workers’ Rights, Multi-Issue, Other
Detention Watch Network Civil Rights/Prison Reform, Immigration, Policy
Development Gap Economic Justice, International Justice, Policy
Dignity in Schools Campaign Education/Students
Disciples Justice Action Network Faith-based
District of Columbia Nurses Association – National Nurses United Health Care, Labor/Worker’s Rights, Policy