DC Coalition for Housing Justice



(202) 261-6601 ofc/fax or (202) 525-1233 (ofc)

1445 Ogden Street, N.W. Ste. 427/Washington, DC 20010 or

1400 Fairmont Street, N.W. Ste. 409/Washington, DC 20009

"Educated tenants as to their rights and aids in the formation of Tenants Councils so that the tenants can act to protect themselves against the action (or inaction) of landlords who allowed properties to decay and thus cause the condemnation of buildings with the subsequent evictions of tenants.  The Coalition has held successful teach-ins and forums at which tenants have spoken out about their plights.  Also, members of the Coalition have testified at D.C. Council hearings on the continuation of Rent Control and on the various Bills affecting housing which have been proposed by Mayor Williams and Council members. The Coalition supports and protects an affordable housing stock in D.C., and it encourages adequate funding for the rehabilitation of blighted properties to make possible the elimination of slum properties in our city."