Gift Acceptance Policy

Approved by the board: 9/8/2020


The Washington Peace Center actively solicits gifts and grants to further the mission of the organization, and understands that there is the potential for controversy if certain gifts are accepted.  For this reason, the organization has adopted the following Gift Acceptance Policy:


Donations and other forms of support will generally be accepted from individuals, partnerships, corporations, foundations or other entities, subject to the following limitations:


  • We do not accept funding from the federal government
  • We accept funding from local or state governments only with approval from the Finance Committee.
  • Gifts of Real Property, Personal Property or Securities may only be accepted upon approval of the Finance Committee.
  • Regarding corporate or business donations:
    • The Washington Peace Center (WPC) recognizes the potential conflict between receiving donations from certain types of corporations and fulfilling our mission. While the WPC will, in general, accept funds, matching funds, and donations of gifts and/or services, from corporations (which includes small businesses, companies, and corporate foundations) for support of its work, it will not accept contributions from corporations/industries and their respective corporate foundations whose core activities are in direct conflict with the mission and values of the Peace Center. This includes, but is not limited to, such entities as those deriving a significant portion of their income from the production and/or sale of weaponry and related industries. In addition, it will not accept donations where it is deemed that those contributions were made to falsely promote, or mask the agendas of, organizations and industries, or where there is a significant risk that accepting the gift could compromise our reputation, independence or effectiveness.


When considering whether to solicit or accept gifts, WPC will consider the following factors:

  • Values—whether the acceptance of the gift compromises any of the core values of WPC
  • Compatibility—Whether there is compatibility between the intent of the donor and the organization’s intended use of the gift
  • Public Relationships—whether acceptance of the gift would damage the reputation of WPC
  • Primary Benefit—whether the primary benefit is to WPC versus the donor
  • Consistency—is acceptance of the gift consistent with prior practice?
  • Form of Gift—Is the gift offered in a form that WPC can use without incurring substantial expense or difficulty?
  • Effect on Future Giving—Will the gift encourage or discourage future gifts?


All decisions to solicit and/or accept potentially controversial gifts will be made by the Finance Committee of the Board in consultation with the Executive Director. The primary consideration will be the impact of the gift on the organization.


WPC reserves the right to refuse any donation.