Media from May Day 2012 in DC:

The Washington Post: Occupy Movement Returns for May Day Protests in D.C. , New York and around U.S. 

DCist: For May Day, Occupy D.C. Goes Barefoot in the Park (Photos) 

The Huffington Post:  May Day 2012 In D.C.: Occupy Movement Gathers in Meridian Hill/Malcolm X Park (Photos)

NBC Washington: Occupy D.C. “May Day” Rally and March

CNN: Occupy DC, May Day Protesters Shut Down City Streets in Solidarity 

Daily Kos: Occupy DC’s May Day Rally, May 1, 2020 (Photos and Blog Commentary) 

Washington Examiner: Occupiers snarl D.C. traffic in May Day protest 

Examiner: Occupy DC joins May Day march to White House

Youtube Clip: Occupy DC’s Muddled May Day Rally (Video)

PressTV: DC mass protest held on May Day (Video)

The Washington Post: Occupy protests draw crowds in New York, D.C. and across globe; 30 arrested in N.Y.

D.C. Mic Check: May Day brings Occupy DC, unions together in solidarity

May Day DC 2012 Press Release


History of May Day:

D.C. Mic Check: A brief history of May Day 

Midnight Notes: The Incomplete, True, Authentic and Wonderful History of MAY DAY

Marxist Internet Archive: May Day History

Salon: May Day’s Radical History

May Day NYC: History

The Guardian: May Day is not about maypoles: the history of international workers’ day

Industrial Workers of the World (IWW): The Brief Origins of May Day

 Libcom: A history of May Day 

Democracy Now: The Origins of May Day: A Story of Chicago, the First Labor Movement and the Bombing That Divided Gilded Age America (Video)

Youtube: A History of May Day in Chicago, U.S. (Video)

OB Rag: May Day’s Radical History: What Occupy Is Fighting for This May 1st

Libcom: Ending a war, inventing a movement: Mayday 1971

Youtube: Spring Offensive 1971 – May Day March on Washington (Video)

Infoshop News: Ending a war: Inventing a movement: Mayday 1971

May Day NYC 1971: Poster

Flickr: Police and 1971 May Day Protest Picture

RT TV: May Day Biggest Arrest in US History 

A Brief History of May Day

May Pole Poems and Prose

Historic Interludes – texts and speeches from May Days past