Street Address: 
Hampton Roads Convention Center, 1610 Coliseum Drive
Tuesday, March 21, 2017 - 12:00pm to Thursday, March 23, 2017 - 12:00pm

The Mid-Atlantic Regional Justice Conference is an opportunity for you to come together and share with friends, colleagues, membership...whether as an organization, institution or in respective congregations in the Mid-Atlantic region. This conference is not only for practitioners but for folks who have been looking for answers and direction in effecting meaningful and intentional change in their neighborhoods and communities. 

You are invited to take a moment to look at the offerings on the website for the workshop tracks. Perhaps you or someone you know would like to submit an RFP to present a workshop, as their are six tracks that will allow for a wonderful array of opportunities to learn, share and network in 60 workshop settings. There are additional opportunities with plenary session gatherings with some of the most knwledgeable and engaging speakers, networking lunches and "Justice Talks" (Ted Talks format) and much more. 

Register today, as a conference attendee, exhibitor or sponsor, here.