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1102 South Campus Commons Building 1, (4250 Lehigh Road)
College Park
Monday, May 1, 2017 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Beyond the Classroom, University of Maryland\
Spring 2017 Series on "People Power: Activism for Social Change!"
presents the documentary:

“Occupy the Farm” (USA, 2014)

OCCUPY THE FARM tells the story of 200 urban farmers who walk onto a publicly-owned research farm and plant two acres of crops in order to save the land from becoming a real-estate development. This direct action set up a vibrant tent village on land destined to become condos, while their crops blocked the development plans of a cash-starved public institution, the University of California, Berkeley. Their confrontational, yet hopeful tactic raises important questions: What are the most effective ways to bring healthy food to hungry, urban neighborhoods? And, who should control research and education at the world’s most important public university: private interests or the public good?
• “Riveting from the start… It illustrates the staggering extent to which corporate interests dictate policy and shape scientific research.” — Ernest Handy, Village Voice
• “Empowering food for thought” — Michael Rechtsaffen, Los Angeles Times
• “From the moment I arrived on the Gill Tract I knew that this was an important story and that the farmer’s strategy was new, unique and hopeful. I am fortunate that these historic events played out in front of our cameras over the weeks and months that we followed them. It was like catching lightening in a bottle.” Todd Darling, Director

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