Street Address: 
Lamont Park, 3258 Mt. Pleasant St. NW
Monday, May 1, 2017 - 12:45pm to 3:00pm

Hosted by Many Languages One Voice (MLOV)

Mayor Bowser, the City Council, and other elected officials must pass policies that ensure benefits, protection, and sanctuary for ALL communities under attack in DC. Take back our city and ensure that neighbors and neighborhoods thrive.

On May 1st at noon, rally with MLOV and it's members in a collective demonstration and celebration of unity in Mount Pleasant, after which the group will march to the White House to join the regional rally. Collectively demand the kind of city that folks want as a home - do not let the federal government define DC!
​CONVOCAMOS a DC a una HUELGA este próximo 1 de Mayo
para defender a nuestra ciudad y llevar un mensaje colectivo que diga:​ "No toleramos más violencia contra nuestras comunidades en DC."​​​ Tenemos que demostrar nuestra resistencia a las polizas racistas y anti-inmigrantes del Presidente.

No iremos a trabajar. No iremos a la escuela. No compraremos o participaremos con las instituciones de finanzas. Este primero de mayo, resistiremos!

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