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Growing Flames is a collection of poems about war. Through the poems set in three thematic areas—growing flames, fury, and lavender—the author hopes to inspire conversations about where America has been and its future.

Emmanuel Kane, born in Cameroon, has spent most of his life in the United States. He is the author of fourteen books including five poetry collections: Sim’s Poetic Column (ELTA, 1978); A Bush of Voices (Brunswick Publishing, 1989), Whispers on My Pillow (Book surge, 2003), Theaters of War (Plain View Press, 2006) and Growing Flames: Fury and Lavender (PRA Publishing, 2017). Other poems appear in Sankofa, Chapel Hill Press; Janus, La Colombe; The Mould, Yaoundé University Press; The Washington Review; Electric Acorn, Dublin, Ireland; Lynne Reiner Publishers; Symphony of Verse; New Poets of West Africa; Malthouse Press; New Horizons by Yaoundé University Press; Howard University Magazine, Sensations Magazine,, and more. He has won awards in poetry. He is Editor-in-Chief of a peer reviewed journal, serves on the editorial boards of eight journals and a member of the Poets and Writers, Inc., Charlotte Writers' Club and others. He has also taught in a number of universities in the US and abroad.

"Emanuel Kane writes about war and refugees. Here is the verse of headlines. This collection of poems is troubling. There is blood on many of the pages. It's a reminder that the present is a dangerous place to live. Kane writes about Isis and Miriam Makeba wailing from the grave. He knows the beautiful ones have yet to be born."
—E. Ethelbert Miller