Street Address: 
St. Stephen's Church, 1525 Newton St. NW
Wednesday, May 10, 2017 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Hosted by Resistance Wing/ DC Resistance Media Collective.
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Come and learn the basics of presswork and how to find your voice. Organizers are hoping this workshop will reach progressive and radical groups, organizations, and individuals who may want to get some press.  Resistance Wing / DC Resistance Media Collective is organized based on anarchist horizontal organizing principles.

This event will cover the basics of how to reach out to mainstream press to get them to cover your event or issue. Participants will go over how to write a press release or media advisory and get it sent out. They will conduct an exercise on the ABCs of giving an interview to the press and staying on message, even when a reporter is trying to steer you away from your message. You'll leave with tools in hand to empower you to start doing your own presswork. It should be a great introduction to presswork overall!

If you are someone whose voice is not often heard, you are especially invited to this workshop. We value the principles of "Step Up, Step Back." Step up to make your voice heard, especially if you're not someone who usually does the talking. If you're usually the loudest person in the room, it could be time to step back and let other people have space in the conversation :)

Please send organizers a message if you would like to attend and require additional considerations such as child care, translation, signing interpretation, or something they haven't thought of yet. They will make every effort to accommodate. Just send us a quick note! Many thanks, and they look forward to your getting in touch. The venue is wheelchair accessible.

Workshop Facilitators: Priya Reddy, Lacy MacAuley, Dereck Marwa.
Sponsored by: DC Resistance Media Collective