If your event is too big to meet inside, and hopefully it is, we offer a full list of outside spaces that can accommodate you. Below you will find exact addresses and helpful information about each space to make sure planning your action goes smoothly.

Dupont Circle – Good for rush hour in nice weather; smaller outreach events or performances. Under NPS jurisdiction.

Ellipse – 1600 Penn. Ave, NW; huge space; good for more than 500-1000 people. It is under National Park Service jurisdiction.

Freedom Plaza – Penn Ave and 14th, NW; between 13th and 14th, across from Wilson Building (DC City Council and Mayor’s office); could fit up to 500 people. Under NPS jurisdiction.

Lafayette Park – Good for smaller groups; great photo opportunity with White House fence. The Park is under National Park Service jurisdiction. Street and Sidewalk are under different law enforcement groups such as MPD; you are supposed to keep moving.

Malcolm X (Meridian Hill) Park – historic place for local DC struggles; has stages there permanently; great for festivals as well as rallies; always people there on a warm weekend; quick walk to the white house. It is under NPS Jurisdiction.

McPherson Square – 425 K St., NW; in downtown and walking distance to the White House; great location for week day demo or starting a march. Under NPS jurisdiction.

Mt. Pleasant St. Plaza – Mt. Pleasant St. & Lamont St. NW;  Small shaded plaza in historic, progressive, multicultural neighborhood, three blocks from Washington Peace Center and Columbia Heights Green Line Metro.  250+ standing capacity, permanent stage with electricity.  On small commercial street with independent food, hardware, and other services available, as well as crosstown & center city bus lines.  45 minute march to White House.  Requires District of Columbia Department of Parks & Recreation permit in partnership with Mount Pleasant Main Street, Inc.  http://dpr.dc.gov/DC/DPR – “Lamont Park Parksite”  http://www.mtpmainstreet.org/ – 202-588-5272

National Mall –  Good for huge events; holds hundreds of thousands of people. Has lots of different areas to hold events. It is under National Park Service jurisdiction.
However, specific areas within the individual memorials are considered restricted space. For more information please contact the Office of Park Programs at 202.619.7225.
Senate Park – 200 New Jersey Ave, NW; near Congressional offices; Can get a good photo opportunity of Capitol; not as big. Under NPS jurisdiction.

General Information:
The Division of Park Programs, located in the National Capital Region Headquarters building, issues approximately 4,000 permits per year. Park areas administered by this office include National Mall and Memorial Parks, President’s Park, Rock Creek Park, National Capital Parks-East, George Washington Memorial Parkway…

Note that some of these listed parks may directly issue certain permits. Please refer to the “How and where to apply for specific types of permits” page to determine what office you should contact for your particular permit needs.

Please note that all applications, unless determined to be a First Amendment activity, must be accompanied by a $50.00 payment for initial processing. This office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 A.M. until 4:00 P.M., holidays excepted. Call (202) 619-7225 to obtain additional information.