Fall 2013 (Vol 50, No. 1)
Celebrating 50 Years!!

Fall 2012 (Vol 49, No. 2)
Planting the Seeds of Anti-Oppression

Spring 2012 (Vol 49, No. 1)
Building Stronger Activists, Occupiers & Rabble-Rousers

Fall 2011 (Vol 48, No. 2) 
Building our Movement: Working in Solidarity with DC 

Spring 2011 (Vol 48, No. 1)
20 Years of the US in Iraq

Winter 2010 (Vol 47, No. 2)
The True Costs of War

Spring 2010 (Vol 47, No. 1)
The Activist Guide to DC: All the Tools We Need to Change the World

Winter 2009 (Vol 45, No. 3)
The Afghanistan Issue

Fall 2009 (Vol 45, No. 2)
Eye on GI Resistance

Spring/Summer 2009 (Vol 45, No. 1)
When I was in Iraq

Spring 2008 (Vol 44, No. 1)
Eye on Asia

January 2005 (Vol 41, No.1)
Depleted Uranium Poisoning

August/September 2004 (Vol. 40, No. 2)
Deep Wounds of Iraq War

Winter 2004 Volume 40 Number 1 

At the Brink: The Bush Administration & U.S. Nuclear Policy by John Steinbach
FCC Loosens Media Regulations and Unleashes Fury by Monali Patel
In the Line of Duty – Israeli Soldiers Refuse to Serve Occupation by Bette Hurst
Peace Center Update – Starting Our Fifth Decade Working for Peace & Justice
Students Not Soldiers by John Judge
The Arthur S. Flemming Center by Alex Robinson
War’s First Casualties by Johnny Barnes, ACLU  

March/April 2002 Volume 39 Number 2 

Black Hawk Down by Frank E. Grant
Witnessing the Devastation of U.S. Aid in Colombia by Tanya Snyder
The New Liabilities of Political Dissent by Mara Verheyden-Hilliard
Beating Around the Bush by Dave Zirin
Activists Demand More Shelters by Steve Donkin
Reforming Welfare Reform by Sean D. Thomas-Breitfeld
Death and Taxes: the Unconscionable Connection by Marian Franz
Activism Alive and Well in New York City by Jen Hambleton
The Peace Center Wants You! From the Board
Time to Stop Yucca Mountain by Jim Bridgman  

February 2002 Volume 39 Number 3 

Thousands Rally for Peace and Justice! by Betty Hurst
Recognizing Courage: The Israli Refusniks, by Catherine Sheehy

Plans to Expand War in Columbia Meet Resistance in Washington, by Julia Dietz
Vigiling for Freedom at the Israeli Embassy, by Art Laffin and Christy Pardew
The Gathering Storm Over Iraq, by Erik Gustafson
Pa’Delante! Local Immigrants Work for their Rights by Marta Vizueta
Critical Resistance comes to DC, by Sarah Andrew
How Long Can You Afford to Live in DC? by Norman L. Bott  

Volume 39 Number 2 Not available 

February 2002 Volume 39 Number 1 

Black Voices for Peace Speak Out, by Roxanne Lawson 

Argentine vs. Russian Reactions to Crisis by Boris Kagarlitsky
Land Transfer Threatens the Future of DC General by Crystal Sylvia
Victory for Domestic Partnership Law by Wayne Turner
Activists Key in Stalling Effort to Step Up U.S. War Against Iraq by Jeffrey Pilch
Mayor’s Decision Boosts Klingle Valley Efforts by Vicki Linton
The World Social Forum and World Economic Forum by Debi Kar 

December 2001/ January 2002 Volume 38 Number 10 

Organize for Justice at Homeby Steve Donkin
Constitutional Rights Threatenedby Nancy Murray
U.S.-Funded Israeli Terror Escalatesby Leah Harris
Pacifica Radio Updates by Sam Husseini
Hail Historic Decision by Timothy Cooper 

November 2001 Volume 38 Number 9 

Disenfranchising Truth: Global and Local Implications of War by Dave Zirin
Residents Fight to Save Low Income Housing by Madeline Fletcher
Workers Struggle After September 11 Tragedy by Kristen Arant
Resisting the Draft: A Survival Guide for Youth of Color by the Central Committe for Conscientious Objectors
Kurdish Vigil Ends by Adam Eidinger
DC Water and Sewer Authority: Cut the Crap! by Parisa Norouzi
Fear Itself by Bernice Powell Jackson
Linking Masculinity and Violence by Rus Ervin Funk
Mayor’s Citizen Summit Disappoints Attendees by Norberto Martinez
Close Our Own Terrorist Training Camp by Ed Kinane 

October 2001 Volume 38 Number 8 

U.S. Calls for “Crusade” Against Terror by Ramzi Kysia
New War or New World? by John Judge
D.C. Anti-War Teach-In Draws More than 200 by Marc Borbely
Let Anger Turn to Grief, Not Revenge by Catherine Sheehy
DC Indymedia Builds Media Democracy by D.M. Yanowski and D.N. Russo
Think Globally, Eat Locally by John Friedrich
Militarism Harms Women by Rus Funk
Beating Around the Bush by Dave Zirin 

September 2001 Volume 38 Number 7 

DC Housing Legislation at Stake by Janet Welsh Brown and Linda Leaks
Global Economic Justice Hits Crossroads by Mark Andersen
Liberate the E-mails; The Campaign for Police Accountability by Linda Schade

July/ August 2001 Volume 38 Number 6 

Mobilize (Again!) Against the IMF and World Bank by Soren Ambrose
No Justice, No Sleep by Kristin Arant
Reclaim the People’s Independece by Lauri Apple
Local Collective Forms to Offer Solidarity Support by Carol Tyson
China Continues its Two-Year Crackdown on Falun Gong by Lijuan Zhang and Zongyi Hu
Beating Around the Bush: Strike Three- Would Jenna Be Out? by Dave Zirin
Techway nd Proposed Transportation Authority Bypass Regional Interests by Bill Mosley

June 2001 Volume 38 Number 5 

D.C. Activists Join Fight for Mumia by Steve Donkin
Coalition to Save DC General Hospital Takes its Case to Court by Chris Strohm
Countering the Military Invasion of DC High Schools by John Judge
FTAA Protests in Quebec Bring Both Unity and Terror by various authors
Star Wars Battles Nuclear Disarmament by Kevin Martin 

May 2001 Volume 38 Number 4 

D.C. Faces Affordable Housing Crisis by Janet Welsh Brown
UN Conference Against Racism Challenges U.S. by Veena Vasista
D.C. Wants Statehood Not a Tax Exemption by Michael Piacsek
National Conference Strategizes to Free Mumia by Debbie Lang 

April 2001 Volume 38 Number 3 

DC General Crucial to the Health of the Community by Vanessa Dixon
Conference Urges Critical Resistance to Prison System by Tammi Coles
Homes Not Jails Confronts the Structure of a Doomed System by Jenny Applesquat
Alliance Calls for Nuclear Accountability by Jim Bridgman 

March 2001 Volume 38 Number 2 

Democracy 7 Free to Continue Fight for DC Rights by Tanya Snyder
Dulles Taxi Drivers Confront Poor Working Conditions by Kelli Olson
Grassroots Support of Palestinian Struggle Grows in US by Rami Elamine
Free Trade Agreement Exacerbates AIDS Crisis ACT-UP Philadelphia
A Peace Activist Reflects on Women’s Rights as Human Rights by Rus Ervin Funk
Voters’ Rights Campaign Builds Following “Election” by Ted Glick 

September 2000 Volume 37 Number 7 

Caravan Blasts Threatened Mass Evictions by Linda Leaks
Janitors Organize for Better Treatment at Catholic University by Emily Junge
Learning Alternatives to Violence in Prison
by Tobin Marsh
Mumia Abu-Jamal Awaits Federal Hearing by Allison Cook
National Mobilization Challenges Iraq Sanctions by Ramsey Kysia
Navy Bombing Resumes In Vieques, Puerto Rico by Michael F. Brown and Miriam Piñeiro-Cortés
Parking Workers Fight For Justice
by Darla Thompson, Local 27
Anti-Globalization Movement Heads to New York by Ana Nogueira 

July/August 2000 Volume 37 Number 6 

Act Up Resurgent by Scott McLarty
A Citizens’ Guide to D.C. Appropriations by Wayne Turner
D.C. Council Conspires with Prison Industrial Complex by Steve Donkin
Housing is a Human Right by Jenny Apple-squat
Peace as Elusive as Ever in Colombia by Tanya Snyder

June 2000 Volume 37 Number 5

People’s Campaign Highlights Nonviolence by Christina Tinari and Martin Thomas
Pacifism in the Twentienth Centuryby Frank Grant
Free Lori Berensonby Ed Herzog
School of Assasins Still Open for Businessby Ed Kinane

July/August 1999 Volume 36 Number 6

Environmental Racism Stalks Shaw by Polly Aris Stamatopoulos
Ward 8 Wins Victory Over Private Prison by Steve Donkin
Violence Delays Vote in East Timor by Nathan Osborn
Initiative 59: Will Judgement Day Ever Come? by Karen Szulgit

June 1999 Volume 36 Number 5

Around the Peace Center (Integrating Oppression) by Catherine Sheehy
Democracy’s Night: Tiananmen Square Rememberedby Timothy Cooper
D.C. Tax Scheme is Reaganomics Rebornby David Schwartzman
Communities Organize for Food Securityby John Friedrich

May 1999 Volume 36 Number 4

Education Left Out of Mayor’s UDC Plans by Mark K. Battle
U.S., NATO and Serbia: War is Not the Answer by Vicki Linton
D.C. School Administrators Teach Safe Schools Don’t Matter by Roger Newell
D.C. Health Care Plan is Stealth Privatization by Scott McLarty

April 1999 Volume 36 Number 3

Crackdown Spurs China Freedom Fight by Timothy Cooper
Book Review: Big League Rip-offs by Steve Donkin
Split Rate Tax is a Tool for D.C. Revitalization by Jennifer Thangavelu
Oil Industry and Congress Attack Oil-for-Food Program in Iraq by Erik Gustafson

March 1999 Volume 36 Number 2

The Prison-Industrial Complex Wants D.C.by Steve Donkin
Activists Sentenced to Long Prison Termsby Holly Syrrakos
In Iraq, Bombs Fall and Sanctions Killby Erik Gustafson and Micah Zenko
Book Review: Veterans Tell Their Stories of War and Healingby Frank E. Grant

February 1999 Volume 36 Number 1

Arlington Community Evictedby Cameron Barron
More Military Crackdowns for Oil in Nigeria>by Monica Wilson
Movie Review: Thin Red Line: War-What Is It Good For?by John Judge

December/January 1998 Volume 35 Number 10


D.C. Fights for Democracyby Bill Mosley
D.C. Vote Held Hostage by Vicki Linton
Mumia Abu-Jamal’s Appeal Denied by Lauren Altes
Police Raid Anti-Brutality Concert by Mark Andersen
Local Activists Judged Guilty by Suzanne Crowell and Holly Syrrakos
End of Tenant Assistance Program Will Put D.C. Residents Out in the Cold by Jennifer Thangavelu

November 1998 Volume 35 Number 9

Maryland Plans to Kill Tyrone X Gilliamby Virginia Harabin and Michael Stark
The Death of One Iraqi Child is One Too Manyby Erik Gustafson
Safeway Closings Show Need for Locally-Owned Cooperative Businessby Steve Donkin

October 1998 Volume 35 Number 8

Ward 8 Says No to Prisonby John Gloster, Jr., and Eugene Dewitt Kinlow
Financial Crises Signal Neo-Liberalism’s Endby Soren Ambrose

September 1998 Volume 35 Number 7

INS Raids Violate Immigrant Human Rightsby Marnie Brady
D.C.’s Income Inequality Effects Lifespansby David Schwartzman
Trash Transfer Stations Dump On D.C.by Sarah Newport
How Developers Plan to Eat Your Neighborhood and Spit You Outby Scott McLarty
Status Suit Challenges D.C.’s Disenfranchisementby Sam Smith

July/August 1998 Volume 35 Number 6

D.C. Council Okays Convention Centerby Steve Donkin
East Timor: Nonviolent Dissent Faces Down Brutal Repressionby Lynn Fredericksson
Delegates Bring Challenge to Iraq Sanctions Homeby Vicki Linton
Steve Michael: Angry AIDS Activist Defies Clinton at Own Funeralby Scott McLarty

June 1998 Volume 35 Number 5

Corporate Health Care: Stay Healthy or Else!by Scott McLarty
D.C. Convention Center Will Displace Residentsby Steve Donkin
Around the Peace Center (India Joins the Nuclear Club)by Vicki Linton
Campaign Exposes U.S. Rights Violations>by David Schwartzman
Dirty Politics Stops Funds for Clean NeedlesBy Cathy Schneider
The Making of an Enemy: Saddam Husseinby Steve Pickering
The Race to Kill in Maryland by Michael Stark

May 1998 Volume 35 Number 4

Book Review: Globaphobia by Soren Ambrose
Corporations Assault D.C.’s Inmates by Steve Donkin
Iraq Sanctions Hit Wrong Target by Steve Pickering
UN Report Calls for Halt to U.S. Executions by Vicki Linton