If you are interested in submitting an event to the Washington Peace Center, please e-mail us at info@washingtonpeacecenter.org. All submitted events will be posted on the calendar by the Wednesday before the event.

When submitting an event, please make sure to include:

  • Event Name, Date, Time and Location
  • Event Description
  • Category (War, Peace, Torture; DC Local Justice; Environmental Justice/Climate Change; Labor/Immigrant Rights; Arts and Culture; other social justice issues)
  • How often does the event occur? (weekly, monthly etc)
  • Co-sponsoring Organizations
  • Event Website (if applicable)
  • Event Fee

  • Contact name, e-mail and phone number

If your local group is doing more than one event in a series, you do not need to complete a separate form for each event--you can indicate the last day of the event as the date, and list the date spectrum in the title (ex: "Latin America Solidarity Conference April 4-11" and event date = April 11).

Note: Events that support political candidates' campaigns will NOT be posted to the WPC Calendar, as the Washington Peace Center is a 501(c)3 organization and cannot endorse or work for ANY candidates. However, demonstrations planned at candidate events that focus on the issues and educating the public about our message are fine to post!