If you are planning a civil disobedience action that could land you or your members in jail, be sure to review the materials we provide on how best to conduct yourself. With advice for activists and legal support teams we cover everything you will need to know to keep yourself safe and informed through the whole process.

Materials for Activists:

Know Your Rights (KYR) in DC Half Pager – Flyer for reading, editing, using!  Add the legal hotline number for your action to it.

Police Misconduct form – to be filled out and given to legal representation.

Affinity Group FAQ and Support form – Tips for legal support for affinity groups and FORM for everyone who is risking arrest to fill out.  This form is for important information that your friends/legal support should know before you go out in the streets.


Materials for Legal Support:

Legal Office Manual – info for how to run a legal office; includes role plays for phone calls from arrestees, witnesses, etc.

Legal Support Training – train a group on how to do support for direct action.

Legal Support/Affinity Group Role Play – a great tool to use in a training on the importance of setting up a legal support system for direct actions. 

More DC legal info – info to read and/or use in a training. 

Affinity Group form for legal team – a form the whole affinity group fills out to give to legal team

Police Numbers – Phone numbers and addresses for MPD Stations (subject to change!  check before using.)

Arrestee Intake Form – used in legal office for all arrestees.



DC Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild –  Find trainings, resources, and how to be a great activist lawyer!

Midnight Special Law Collective – California collective with lots of great resources for doing legal support.